How to spot the signs of behavioural addiction image
When it comes to substance misuse, the signs are often quite obvious to family members particularly when someone they love
house view at Tikvah Lake Recovery
A certainty about 2020 is that we are living in an age of uncertainty. For many people, this may bring
Image of Why the five stages of grief help with so many life situations
When people are grieving they go through five distinct stages. Although originally developed to help people suffering from a terminal
Image of Tikvah Lake Recovery lake view
According to experts on the human body up to 60 percent of what we physically are is water. The human
Why trauma affects people so much image
Trauma is something that happens following a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. It is emotional shock that develops after a
5 Important Boundaries That Everyone Should Know About
Successful relationships all have one thing in common; healthy boundaries.
How to treat sugar addiction image
Sugar is everywhere. So it is no wonder that so many people are addicted to the stuff.
Are you addicted to love image
Love addiction has been the motivation behind pop music culture and movies for decades. There was Robert Palmer’s hit song,
If you or someone you love is suffering form depression it might seem as if there's no way out. But
depression - Tikvah Lake
So many people suffer from depression today it's likely that someone you care about may well turn to you. This
What are the types of Anxiety Disorders Image
Everybody will feel unhappy at some time. It's a completely normal emotion that's actually part of being human. We are
4 ways to deal with anxiety when you’re sober image
Alcohol and anxiety go hand in hand. In fact, about 20 percent of people with social anxiety disorder also suffer
The 3 signs your loved one is addicted to Xanax image
Because Xanax is so accessible in the U.S., and because it helps numbs extremely common signs and symptoms of anxiety,
What is emotional rehabilitation blog post image.
Emotional rehabilitation is the strengthening of our inner ability to deal with such as a loss or significant change. It
Can you go to rehab for anxiety and depression Image
One of the worst affects of suffering from any mental health problem is that it often leaves people feeling alone.
How Journaling Can Help in Recovery Image
One of the toughest parts about recovery is dealing with the noise in your own head. Before, you drowned it
Workaholism is one of the most difficult addictions to admit or even realize. This is because we live in a
Borderline personality disorder explained Image
A person with a personality disorder thinks, feels, perceives, behaves or relates to others quite differently than the average person.
How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep? Hint: They Don’t Mix Well Image
“I need to drink to help me sleep,” someone may say. While alcohol relaxes the nervous system, in excessive amounts,
An addiction to sex Image
Many people who are sex addicts probably do not even realize it. Neither do the people around them, including family
What are your main treatment options Image
Nobody should suffer in life and that’s why places like Tikvah Lake Recovery exist. We have brought together a first-class
Why nature is so good for wellbeing Image
It's something that we all sense, even those who love city life – nature is good for us. It's why
What are the types of Anxiety Disorders Image
Anxiety affects people in many different ways. Having some anxiety at certain times is a useful coping tool for people.
Looking beyond the label How to handle the stigma associated with rehab Image
The United States National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 21.5 million Americans age 12 and older have
Warning Signs of Emotional Breakdown Image.
An emotional breakdown describes a period of overwhelming mental distress. During this time of psychological disorder a person suffering cannot
What are the main types of mental illness image.
Our mental health is like our physical health. That means we need to look after it. Just as with our
Helping Versus Enabling: How to Stop Enabling an Alcoholic or Addict Image
If you have a loved one in your life who is an alcoholic or addict, you probably want to help.
Why alcoholism & addiction is a family disease image
Alcoholism and other addictions do not only negatively impact the alcoholic or addict – everyone around them is affected in
The ‘Big Five’ Personality Traits According to Psychologists Image
In the scientific world of psychology, ‘Big Five’ personality trait models such as OCEAN and FFM (five-factor model) is a
The Top Ten Personality Traits of Creative People
Creativity is described as ‘’the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’’. The definition itself could well suggest
B.F. Skinner, an American phycologist who studied behaviorism, first introduced the term negative reinforcement in his Operant Conditioning theory. Skinner
In many parts of the world, cannabis is classified as a Class B drug. This classification denotes that whilst cannabis
What do many of the world's greatest movies such as Star Wars, The Wizard Of Oz, Batman, The Matrix, The
Trauma is caused by a distressing, frightening or disturbing experience. Something like this can damage a person's thinking, emotions and
depression treatment
Never feeling “good enough.” Feeling as though you can’t say how you feel or what you think without a fight.
girl running exercise and health
When in recovery, many clients turn to a hobby to help fill their time and improve their mental well-being. One
executive suit and tie
While there exist many barriers for anyone thinking about treatment for addiction (from accepting there’s a problem, to not knowing
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Addiction is unquestionably a large obstacle to overcome for those who suffer from it, and the road to recovery often
burnout and stress
For many of today's executives, the pressure to perform is always on. But taking on heavy workloads and trying to
setting boundaries
Setting boundaries while you’re in recovery An addiction – whether it be to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, virtually anything –
alcohol addiction
Alcohol addiction and mental illness often go hand in hand. In fact, many people who attend rehab for alcohol addiction
Recovery stories
The other day I was snuggled on my couch, attending a Zoom AA meeting (thanks to Covid-19!). I personally knew
the importance of listening
There's a realization these days that too many of us spend too long staring at our phone screens. One aspect
Something momentous happened this month 85 years ago. It marks the birth of what is considered by many to be
executive suit and tie
If you are the sort of boss who has to check over everyone's work, that might be because you are
addiction and willpower
Most of us, when we hear the words 'addiction' or 'addict 'experience an immediate shift in thinking, in the sense
anxiety and stress business
Everybody has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. It is an emotion that's needed for our survival.
It's quite normal to have a glass or two of wine or a couple of beers to wind down at
Just out of rehab and stuck at home? Here are a few at-home techniques to avoid relapsing
With so much uncertainty in our lives because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel isolated and unsure
the importance of listening
What does it mean to ‘enable’ an addict, and why is this such a common phrase when talking about substance
3 tips to improve work-life balance when working from home
There’s no arguing that when your work-life balance is out of whack, your stress levels soar. After all, it can
How addicts can stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world works forever. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘back to
The long term side effects of a marijuana dependency
Marijuana – also known as cannabis, weed and pot – is one of the most commonly used drugs in the
A tale of two epidemics- When COVID-19 and opioid addiction collide
128 people die every day from an opioid addiction overdose, according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
2.6 billion people around the world are in lockdown- Here’s how to manage your mental health during COVID-19
More people today are in lockdown than were alive during World War Two. Yes, you read that last line correctly.
Is it okay to feel depressed during COVID-19?
Chances are, your mental health has taken a toll in the last month or so. COVID-19 has seen the world
How to Help Someone with a Gambling Addiction
Like most dependencies, a gambling addiction likely won’t feel like an addiction until it’s already too late. It starts harmlessly
Managing the stress of working remotely during the Coronavirus
Recently, we published an article that offers seven practical ways to help you reduce stress at work (you can read
The long-term side effects to expect from COVID-19
On May 2nd 2020, the U.K. newspaper The Guardian published an article titled ‘Britons will suffer health problems from Covid-19
How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime
Almost all adults are products of their childhood experiences. Whether you had a sheltered childhood, or you were witness or
Signs and symptoms explained- Gambling addiction
It’s not always easy to spot a gambling addiction. Unlike the many physical signs and symptoms that present themselves with
Is marijuana actually addictive
Despite being recently legalized in many U.S. states, marijuana is still the subject of great debate and controversy. Some claim
7 steps to help you reduce stress at work
Stress is healthy for you. It’s your body’s natural way of telling you something isn’t going quite right, and that
The 5 sure-fire signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse
Alcohol abuse is one of the most common addictions out there. It affects people from all walks of life, no
Silhouetted business people sit and discuss in a circle
According to an Integra Survey, 62 percent end the day with work-related neck pain. To make matters worse, more than
Man sits on bench with head in hand
It’s estimated that 16.2 million adults in the United States, or 6.7 percent of American adults, have had severe depression
Group therapy
At Tikvah Lake Recovery, we believe that rehabilitation is a personal journey, and different types of therapy options appeal to
Tikvah Lake: One of the USA’s safest rehabs during the COVID-19 pandemic image
Tikvah Lake is situated in Florida’s Highlands County. It's one of the safest places in the USA.Less than 2,000 COVID
Woman sits by window and writes
With all that is going on in this fast-paced and connected world we live in, the introduction of COVID-19 could
Man sits by the window in and holds him self in quiet contemplation
Anxiety is like regular stress on steroids. If ‘stress’ is about coping with a sudden or prolonged, real or perceived
Tikvah Lake Recovery
Deciding on a rehab center is among the biggest, most important decisions a person can make in their life. It’s
Image of the Tikvah Lake campus, used for 5 reasons why Florida is the best place to attend rehab blog post
Florida is a golfer’s paradise. It’s also a fern lover’s refuge, and its home to plentiful alligators (and oranges). There
First step into recovery
The average age of marriage today is 30. Compare that with age 21, as it was in the 1960s, and
stress of everyday life
These days, even those who formerly dreaded going to work are antsy to return, just to get out of their
Alcohol addiction and its effects
Alcohol abuse is a tough and controversial subject to define. When accounting for the long-term effects of alcoholism, you’re likely
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