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The admissions procedure begins with calling our confidential number to personally speak with our director, Dr. David Nesenoff, so we can learn about the individual’s personal needs and discuss how our program can help.

After the discussion, our director will immediately discuss the unique issues with our clinical director to decide if our facility is the best fit. Dr. David Nesenoff will then call back and suggest how to proceed. For those requiring detox, we assist in appropriately placing the individual prior to entering our program. Please see our detox management services.

It is very important to realize that the most dangerous time for an addict is the time between calling for rehab and when he or she actually arrives at the rehab. Commonly the addict will seek a last experience in which overdosing is a major risk. We work very hard to admit a guest as quickly as possible in order to prevent any last experiences.

Guests can fly into Orlando International Airport or Palm Beach International Airport.

From the moment we greet the guest, our personal care begins. Everything will be attended to from food to all clinical needs.

Once a payment is remitted, our financial policy is considered agreed.

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