Heal the body, then heal the mind

For those who first need to go to a detox facility prior to residential treatment, we are here for you.

Detox is not always needed, but if our admissions team deems it necessary after initial discussions, then we can assist every step of the way. Detox can be about 3-7 days, depending on whether it is detox from alcohol, opioids, etc.

Detox can be an essential key to medically balance out a person’s body to cope with withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. But detox without residential treatment, will most often not be lasting whatsoever. There are many cases of individuals going to detox facilities over half a dozen times, because there were no follow thru plans with residential treatment and after care.

We are associated with several licensed, highly recommended detox facilities in Florida. They have luxury accommodations and private rooms available as well. We manage the entire process, including speaking with their admissions department and arranging transportation from detox to our facility.

Once someone has completed their few days in detox, the work begins at Tikvah Lake to make their sobriety long lasting.

Now that the body is stable, the causes behind the addiction need to be addressed through our residential program. At Tikvah Lake, we provide our guests with the tools to stop the problems at the onset and help them identify triggers to avoid future relapse.

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