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Sex Addiction Treatment in Florida

Sex addiction can have a range of negative consequences on a person’s mental and physical health. Finding treatment for this behavioral addiction can help individuals reframe their relationship with sex and discover healthy coping skills. If you’re looking for such a treatment program, you’ve come to the right place. Tikvah Lake Recovery Center offers luxury behavioral health treatment that is tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. With our commitment to holistic care and luxury setting, our treatment center is an excellent choice for sex addiction treatment in Florida. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you take the first step toward recovery.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction, also known as hypersexuality, involves putting sex before everything else in life. Estimates place rates of sex addiction in the U.S. between 3 and 10 percent, though it can be difficult to spot this addiction due to shame or denial. Signs of sex addiction can include:

  • Frequently engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners
  • Inability to control the impulse to engage in sexual activity
  • Frequent masturbation
  • Paying for sex
  • Obsessive preoccupation with sexual behavior
  • Overconsumption of pornography
  • Repeated engagement in sexual activity despite negative consequences

While not officially classified as an addiction in the DSM-5, a dependence on sex can negatively impact one’s life in a variety of ways. It can cause strains on personal relationships as well as put one’s health and safety at risk. It can also greatly affect emotional well-being, leading to shame, low self-esteem, guilt, and depression.

Tikvah Lake Recovery Center is standing by to help you overcome your struggles with sex addiction for a happier, healthier life. Contact our team to discover how our programs can help you overcome your dependence on sex.

Florida Sex Addiction Treatment Tailored to You

Tikvah Lake Recovery Center offers personalized sex addiction treatment in Florida. Our main level of care is our residential treatment program. Spanning 30 to 90 days, our comprehensive program involves various forms of treatment techniques that will leave you feeling prepared to overcome your sex addiction and maintain your recovery long-term. Elements of our treatment program include:

We are dedicated to providing treatment that is tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Each person who struggles with addiction who comes to our treatment center brings their own unique experiences, addiction history, and personal preferences with them, and we work hard to accommodate these differences in our care. We begin our residential program by working with each client to establish a treatment plan that takes into account all of the specific needs and factors of each individual so that we can best support them on their journey to recovery. By shaping our treatment plans to individual needs, we can improve our chances of building a solid foundation for long-lasting recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a key component of our treatment program at our residential treatment center. This form of therapy involves clients tracing their thought patterns to better understand how they influence their behaviors. By identifying and stopping negative thought patterns, clients can make changes in their behavior. As sex addiction often features compulsive behaviors, this type of therapy can be especially helpful. Studies have found that CBT can help reduce the symptoms of hypersexual disorder and compulsive sexual behavior, showing promise for this type of therapeutic approach.

CBT is just one of the kinds of therapy we offer clients who participate in our programs, which include a minimum of 10 hours of individual therapy a week. This level of one-on-one attention is nearly unparalleled among treatment centers and can help clients gain a deeper understanding of their addiction. It can also help clients identify ways to cope with their feelings in a healthier manner and how to control impulses. During our sessions, we strive to equip clients with the tools they need for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At Tikvah Lake Recovery Center, we aim to treat the whole person, not just their addiction. To do this, we incorporate holistic practices into our treatment plans. These practices include yoga, mediation, and energy work, which can all contribute to improved well-being and encourage reflection. These practices can help you harness the power of mindfulness to cope with difficult emotions and improve focus. Our holistic methods complement our evidence-based therapies for a well-rounded approach to sex addiction treatment that promotes whole-person wellness.

Many individuals dealing with sex addiction also struggle with conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, and impulse control disorders. At Tikvah Lake Recovery Center, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to support those who struggle with mental health disorders or substance use issues in addition to their sex addiction. This kind of treatment simultaneously addresses both conditions in order to promote improved understanding of the relationship between them. By better understanding how one disorder influences the other, clients can better manage their symptoms and achieve improved treatment outcomes for them both.

We integrate these various elements into our residential program to provide comprehensive treatment. Our evidence-based therapies, holistic practices, and dual diagnosis treatment all work together to create a supportive treatment experience, and we make sure to tailor all our care to your personal needs. To learn more about how we can individualize our residential program for your needs, contact our holistic rehab today.

Why Choose Tikvah Lake Recovery Center for Sex Addiction Treatment

Tikvah Lake Recovery Center stands out among treatment centers for several reasons, including:

  • Luxury setting: Our luxury rehab offers five-star amenities and gourmet meals prepared by our executive chef, ensuring a comfortable treatment experience.
  • Privacy: All therapy sessions in our treatment program are individual, and we have a limited number of clients at our center at a time, ensuring a higher level of privacy.
  • Commitment to quality: We strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients. We value the power of hospitality at our treatment center, and our executive concierge team is here to help you feel more at home during your time with us.

Contact our team to learn more about what makes us a leading choice for sex addiction treatment.

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Your sex addiction doesn’t have to control your life. Tikvah Lake Recovery Center’s individualized sex addiction program can help you overcome your addiction and find a path toward recovery. Contact us to begin your journey with sex addiction treatment in Florida.

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