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Anxiety Treatment in Florida

It is estimated that more than 30 percent of American adults will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Yet even with that prevalence, studies have found that anxiety disorders are frequently undertreated and underrecognized in primary care settings. Here at Tikvah Lake Recovery Center, we take anxiety treatment seriously. Our addiction and mental health recovery center stands ready to guide you to find healing. By equipping you with coping skills to help you better manage your anxiety disorder symptoms and creating customized treatment plans that prioritize your personal needs, we hope to set you up for a happier and more fulfilling life. Contact us to learn how our luxury anxiety treatment in Florida can help you take the first step toward a brighter future.

Why Choose Our Residential Program for Anxiety

Tikvah Lake Recovery Center specializes in residential treatment programs for anxiety and other mental health conditions. Over the course of 30 to 90 days, we help clients lay a foundation for a strong recovery. 

It all starts with an initial orientation week, during which clients work with our knowledgeable team to develop a personalized treatment plan that takes into account each individual’s unique circumstances, as well as any potential co-occurring mental health or substance use disorders. After this phase, clients work with our clinical team in one-on-one therapy sessions to uncover the roots of their anxiety disorder and better understand how to manage symptoms. To conclude their stay at our Florida residential treatment center, clients participate in our aftercare program. We work with each client to identify their next steps in their recovery journey, whether that be finding a transitional living home or identifying other resources that can help them maintain the skills they learned in treatment at our recovery center.

There are many benefits to our residential program beyond the treatment modalities we utilize. 

  • Time to focus on recovery: By stepping away from daily obligations and stressors, clients can take some time to reflect on their goals for treatment and any underlying factors that contribute to their anxiety. 
  • Peaceful setting: Our stunning lakeside setting and convenient location next to a state park allows clients to immerse themselves in nature, a practice which has been found to improve mental health. Our luxury amenities also help cultivate a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Individualized care: With a limited number of clients at our center, we maintain a high level of personalized service to each client. With a minimum of 10 hours of individual therapy a week, clients are able to foster connection with their therapy team to help them work toward their personal treatment goals.

Our residential treatment program for anxiety offers an opportunity to truly understand your personal experience with anxiety, helping you uncover root causes, develop coping mechanisms, and discover other important information about the nature of these disorders. By understanding this disorder better and by learning coping skills to help manage symptoms, you can leave our program equipped with the knowledge necessary to forge a path toward lasting positive change. Contact our team to get started.

Anxiety Treatment Therapies at Tikvah Lake Recovery Center

Tikvah Lake Recovery Center views anxiety treatment through a holistic lens, meaning that we use both evidence-based techniques as well as alternative approaches to our mental health care. By incorporating elements from these diverse approaches, we can provide a well-rounded treatment experience that seeks to tackle anxiety from all angles. Here are a few of our anxiety treatment therapies:

This kind of therapy is considered to have the most evidence to support its effectiveness in treating anxiety disorders. It involves diving into negative thought patterns to identify how they contribute to certain behaviors, and then using that information to find ways to stop and change these negative thoughts. This can be helpful for looking into the underlying factors contributing to anxiety and anxiety symptoms.

Practices that incorporate mindfulness and other kinds of reflection can be helpful in treating anxiety. Here at Tikvah Lake Recovery Center, we guide clients through holistic therapies such as breathwork, energy work, meditation, and yoga, the latter of which has been found to reduce anxiety symptoms. These practices can be easily incorporated into a daily routine after treatment, helping our clients learn how to use these practices as valuable coping skills to maintain health and happiness long-term.

In addition to offering luxury mental health treatment, Tikvah Lake Recovery Center is a comprehensive drug rehab.That means we are well-equipped to address any co-occurring substance use disorders or other mental health conditions that accompany your anxiety. By addressing these different disorders at the same time, we can work with you to better understand the link between the two for improved treatment outcomes.

Want to learn more about our treatment techniques? Reach out to our team today to talk to us about how we can tailor our care to best fit your unique needs and circumstances.

Anxiety Disorders: What to Know

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in life, but anxiety disorders are not just temporary feelings. Rather, they can affect much of your daily life if left untreated. This branch of disorders encompasses a range of conditions, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): feeling of persistent dread
  • Social anxiety disorder: fear of being watched by others
  • Panic disorder: frequent and unexpected panic attacks
  • Phobia-related disorders: intense fear of specific things or situations
  • Separation anxiety: extreme anxiety or fear over being separated from loved ones

These different anxiety disorders can affect your life in distinct ways, and it’s important to keep that in mind while seeking treatment. Here at Tikvah Lake Recovery Center, we treat a variety of mental health conditions. We can work with you to find a treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of your anxiety disorder. Talk to a member of our team today to learn how we can tailor our care to best suit you.

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Dealing with anxiety can be challenging. Look to Tikvah Lake Recovery Center for support. Our compassionate staff is here to help you find a path toward a happier, healthier life. By giving you the tools you need to manage symptoms and improve your well-being, we hope to empower you to reclaim your life from anxiety. We invite you to step boldly into the path toward recovery with our luxury anxiety treatment, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to get started on your journey to improved well-being with our anxiety treatment in Florida.