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What is an executive treatment program?

Many high-profile executives often suffer from substance abuse and mental health concerns. The long hours, the high stress and the intense amount of pressure can cause many to look for fast, short-term solutions that help them switch off and relax, and these ‘escape routes’ often take the form of drugs and alcohol.

In July 2017, the New York Times reported on the death of a high-profile Silicon Valley Lawyer who died from a drug overdose. Peter worked long hours, and to cope with the nature of his job and the responsibility he held, he turned to drugs. As the article reports:

‘Of all the heartbreaking details of his story, the one that continues to haunt me is this: The history on his cellphone shows the last call he ever made was for work. Peter, vomiting, unable to sit up, slipping in and out of consciousness, had managed, somehow, to dial into a conference call.’

Finding the right treatment as early on as possible is essential to a fast and long-lasting recovery. Peter’s situation is just one example; there are countless others out there. In fact, according to data compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, of the nearly 20 million adults between 18 and 64 years old with a substance use disorder in the United States, nearly three-quarters are employed, and many are high-profile executives.

But the problem executives often come across when it comes to getting help is the idea of ‘losing face’. Give the status of their position and their responsibility to lead others through trying times, many executives struggle to admit their problem. After all, it’s part of an executive’s job to inspire, to drive business growth and to maintain a headstrong image.

What’s more, because executives drive business, they often cannot face taking extended time away from work to get the help they need. This is a real concern, and it hinders many from receiving help.

The benefits of a 10-day executive treatment program

To counter these concerns, we’ve created a 10-day executive treatment program. Across the 10 days, executives can enter rehab and receive the same level of support and guidance as a longer treatment program. The 10-day executive treatment program is a great way for high-profile executives to test the waters with rehab; it allows them to take less time away from work than a regular 30- or 60-day program, while learning the tools they need to overcome their addiction at the same time.

More often than not, our executives who sign up for the 10-day treatment program at Tikvah Lake begin to see the benefits straight away, and many extend their stay to see their treatment through and receive comprehensive, end-to-end treatment.

The excuse that you don’t have enough time is no longer valid. During your 10-days in recovery with us, you can expect to be treated as holistically as possible. We’ll help you detoxify from your addiction, and we’ll work to uncover the core issues that led to your addiction in the first place. We’ll also teach you the tools you need to help you remain sober long after your time with us.

Of course, like all our treatment programs, the right attitude to recovery is required. We’ll require much of your attention and engagement, and through the 10 days, you can begin to understand how you can regain your sobriety, overcome your addiction and return to work stronger and more productive than ever.

Executive treatment at Tikvah Lake Recovery

Not only is it important to receive the right level of treatment that works for you, it’s important that you feel safe, secure and well-cared for during your stay. Tikvah Lake Recovery is an intimate, personalized six-bed residential addiction and mental health treatment centre.

Our team of clinicians, therapists and on-site staff offer you a level of care unmatched elsewhere, and our facility is extremely private, serene and calming, helping you to get the best help possible in a place that works for you.

Addiction is a personal problem. Nobody sets out to become addicted to substances, but as we navigate through the trials and tribulations of life, we look for things that will bring us a moments solace. It’s turbulent out there, but it’s not in here. We help you turn off the outside world, removing negative triggers that have enabled substance abuse to occur.

Despite what you might do as an executive, there’s no denying that your health is more important than your work. What’s more is, good health means better work. Our team of medical, physical, spiritual and culinary professionals are focused entirely and uniquely on each guest’s specific needs, and we all work towards the same goal: helping you to recover.

To find out more about how you can find out whether rehab works for you, contact an expert here to find out more about our 10-day executive treatment program.

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