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Our aim – to deliver the best for you in every way.

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What is luxury mental health treatment?

Anyone coming to a luxury rehab center clearly expects the best. That is always our aim – to deliver the best for you in every way.

That’s why we have put so much thought and hard work into everything about our luxury rehab here in sunny Florida. That starts with the location – and then absolutely everything about our center.

We truly believe that our recovery oasis at Tikvah Lake is the best there is anywhere in the world for effective and long-lasting treatment programs to help overcome any emotional or mental health problem. Our expert hand-picked team is always on hand to achieve this in a compassionate and 100 percent confidential manner.

During your stay with us we are always here for you to give the best quality care there is.

Our luxury mental health facilities in Florida

You will need to look at any mental health treatment luxury center’s facilities, such as the bedrooms, outside spaces and general areas. They need to be comfortable and spacious.

We feel blessed that we can offer our guests treatment here in our beautiful relaxing 15,000-square-foot mansion. The favorable outcomes we’ve had in helping guests continue to let us know it’s the perfect environment.

We’re also fortunate to be next to a Florida State Park. It has miles of fantastic hiking trails all set among breathtaking scenery.

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Is luxury mental health rehab for me?

If you are in need of help the resounding answer is yes! It’s been proven over many years now that being away from regular life and any bad influences, pressures and temptations is hugely beneficial for anyone seeking a swift, strong and enduring recovery.

Being in as relaxed a mental and emotional state as possible is extremely advantageous. This is because people often arrive in a position where they are irritable, restless and discontent.

This makes it difficult to focus on their recovery. We’ve heard from many of our guests how they felt the tension slip away on merely seeing our beautiful lake as they arrived.

Another essential element of this that’s vital to recovery is knowing that you’re in a safe place. We offer secluded privacy here so that every guest knows they can speak to us in confidence.

A great number of our guests are executives, governors or from the entertainment industry. They relax here knowing how completely confidential it is – and so are able to put everything into their recovery.

What’s included in the price of luxury mental health rehab?

As well as the obvious aspects such as your treatment, starting from ten-day executive treatment up to our 30-90 Day Personalized Treatment Program or however long you need, there is the luxurious accommodation.

Our five-star accommodation offers you the choice of a shared room, a private room or a villa. All are designed with comfort in mind with oversized closets and en suite.

Our house manager will tend to every need and can provide anything. This includes clothing and toiletries.

We also look to treat the whole person, not just the addiction or mental health problem. Consequently, we offer Holistic Wellness Treatment that focuses on body and mind, as well as emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

There is the opportunity for such as yoga, meditation and energy work. Naturally, we will also make sure that every guest has a healthy nutritional diet.

Our gourmet chef has cooked in celebrated venues around the world. He takes pride in cooking nutritious comfort food for each guest to savor. Snacks and fruit are available all day, along with tea and coffee.

There are library and seating areas for reading. As well, there’s a games table, foosball, puzzles, a ping-pong table and more. We also have Wi-Fi throughout the center.

There’s a boat and an activity deck by the lake, so guests can practice yoga or sit there to read or reflect in quiet solitude by calm waters. We also have a pool available year-round.

Finally, another important aspect to consider is what relapse prevention and aftercare is offered. This is because there’s not much point of starting your recovery only to be left out in the cold when you leave any rehab center.

At Tikvah Lake, we create individual aftercare plans for each guest that best suit their needs. We work diligently with our guests to recognize and prevent triggers caused by bad influences.

We would love to welcome you here. Contact us today to find out more and see how we can help you or someone you love.

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Contact Tikvah Lake Recovery today for a chance to speak to one of our addiction treatment specialists. Help is waiting.