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Welcome to our program page. For those who need detox prior to residential treatment, please see our detox management services.

We offer a three phase treatment program.

Phase one begins with an orientation week, which includes an assessment for determining the individual TX plan needed for each guest. The first phase provides a lengthy overview of healthy living requirements, a systematic review of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic processes of drugs with a detailed process of the long and short term consequences of drug use, dependence and abuse. We will also deal with co-occurring issues relating to the mental health of our clients and address those issues as well. We begin implementation of Step One of AA/NA .

The second phase begins with personalized individual and group sessions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as understanding the disease concept of addiction. Our therapists will also utilize the ideas of reframing, rational thoughts and positive outlets to deal with the possibility of relapse. We begin working on Step Two of AA/NA.

The final phase of our program is to prepare our guests for an alternative living facility to assist with transitioning back into society. We strive to have family interaction to help achieve those goals. We also complete Step Three of AA/NA.

The three phases are designed to be completed within three months and our focus is to prepare our guests to enter back into society with the coping skills, knowledge and belief that they can live their lives sober from drugs and alcohol as well as mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

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