Top six benefits of recovery

Top six benefits of recovery

Recovery is a journey that goes in many distinct ways for different people.

It’s true that as with many things – such as playing an instrument or going to the gym – the more you put in, the more you benefit.

But when it comes to recovery, the starting point for people is frequently a different one. Some people have more to mend than others.

Some people have gone even further down, their rock bottom looks much worse.

Then, in addition to whatever the mental health problem is, it also depends on such as how much needs to be unlearned or newly learned. Another factor to consider is the sensitivity of the person themselves.

The word “recovery” actually derives from Latin recuperare meaning “get again”. This means returning to a way of being before such as addiction, depression, stress or anxiety took hold.

But many people who get into recovery realize that while all types of mental illnesses usually get progressively worse unless treated – so too recovery gets progressively better.  This is so long as what has helped move them into recovery continues to be worked.

Many people then come to realize that there’s something so much more on offer in recovery…

Here are six major benefits of recovery:

1. Improved sleep

For a great number of people the first improvement around sleep is that they actually start to get some sleep at all. As problems from the past and present are resolved sleep will get increasingly regular and better.

Part of recovery can involve dealing with anything that has been affecting peace of mind. This will only aid and enhance sleep.

Also, for those who’ve been addicted to alcohol or drugs they will come to see that what they thought was sleeping was more like “passing out”. Consequently they will awake much more refreshed.

When we are tired we are more prone to be irritable and not make the best decisions and choices. So there are immense benefits all round – and these can come swiftly for someone who starts recovery.

2. Boosted energy

One of the other benefits of regular and better sleep is that there will be much more energy. This is also combined with a clearer head.

So decision-making skills are much better. The result is there is less stress in daily living.

It also means we can put much more into life. This is whether it is from parenting or studying to working or playing sports.

3. Better health

Having regular decent sleep also means we are healthier. It means that we are less likely to catch such as a virus, but it also means if we do get ill we are stronger to recover, usually much more swiftly too.

Of course this is combined with the fact that if someone is drinking excessively or addicted to drugs they are most likely damaging themselves physically as well as emotionally. Then, being trapped in a behavioral addiction often means not eating well and/or properly.

Mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety mean that people suffering from them do not or cannot look after themselves well. Meals will be skipped or unhealthy quick-fix food eaten instead of regular healthy meals.

Being in recovery means learning again how to take care of ourselves, and knowing we are worth that.

4. Increased time

One of the first things that many people who start recovery realize is that they have more time. This is because such as an addiction is not taking up their time in planning what and when to get it, then the using and/or drinking and then the getting over that – such as struggling with a hangover.

A regular part of getting over it is there’s often a great deal of time spent in trying to pick up the pieces caused by certain behaviors while using and/or drinking. 

In recovery, mornings are not spent in trying to merely survive them or repair damages caused; and afternoons are not wasted in planning the next session. Then the evenings are not about getting intoxicated.

With this increased time that comes with recovery, it means more time for not only recovery – but also many things that have often been neglected such as spending quality time with family and friends.

Life gets narrower when suffering with mental health problems. On the other side of that, life gets more varied and enjoyable in recovery –  with, for instance, old hobbies regained and new hobbies discovered.

5. More money

When people get into recovery, a great many look back and wonder… how they could ever have afforded to be so unwell with such as an addiction or debilitating anxiety and depression that meant they couldn’t work.

For those who drank alcohol addictively or who used drugs or were addicted to such as gambling, shopping and sex addictions, they will realize just how much of their money went on their damaging habits.

So as well as saving money that might previously have been spent on, say, drink, drugs or gambling, there’s also a boost to earning abilities. This is as people gain more time and get fully back into employment and running businesses that their mental health problems had limited or stopped.

6. Discover who you’re meant to be

So long as recovery is worked at it gets progressively better. This means to keep doing the things that help with recovery and growth.

Many people discover that recovery leads them to a way of living that is infinitely better. But also that the best recovery of all is when we once again become who we know we’re truly meant to be.

This gives a peace of mind that is priceless.

If anyone puts the necessary recovery work in with honesty, humility, courage, dedication and an open mind – combined with the support of a therapist as well as perhaps others in recovery – they will gain these major benefits.

In addition, there can be spiritual growth that gives many people’s lives a whole new meaning. There is more connection with other people, which means all relationships will improve.

Many people also learn how to keep life more in the present moment. This means they’re not trapped in their thoughts with regrets for the past and worries for the future.

Then they are much more likely to notice the beauty around them. That is in other people as well as in nature.

An immense recovery benefit is being able to value and love yourself, to care for and treat yourself well. Most people will naturally exercise more and make sure they eat healthily.

Many people in recovery talk about starting to feel lucky rather than always being unlucky. This is much to do with how we look at life: whether we focus on the negative or the positive.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts,” said the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius.

Life increasingly gets more meaning. As psychiatrist Viktor Frankl wrote about in one of the world’s bestselling recovery books Man’s Search For Meaning – when we find our meaning it leads to our happiness.

It certainly takes courage to seek help. But the results can be absolutely remarkable for someone who seeks help – and for everybody around them as well.

Our expert team has many decades of experience in treating people with all mental health problems. We listen carefully before offering proven successful treatments that are individualized for each of our guests.

Our luxury home is in an inspirational natural setting beside a tranquil lake. It is perfect for recovery.

Contact us today for a confidential chat to find out how we can help you or someone you love get into recovery.

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