What’s the best food to help your recovery?

What's the best food to help your recovery

Physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. For anyone starting recovery it is important to give their body the ultimate physical help it needs.

So, the right diet can significantly help the recovery process.

For instance, absorption of many essential nutrients and vitamins are severely reduced when addictively using drugs and/or alcohol. Deficiencies in essential nutrients and vitamins will affect mood, skin and hair. 

As well, unhealthy toxins are likely to have built up. This is particularly the case with alcohol and drug addictions.

But it can also be for such as workaholics or addictive gamblers. This is because the addiction is their priority, coming before eating regularly and well.

Then with depression, stress and anxiety, many sufferers become indifferent to food. Appetite loss is common with these types of mental health conditions.

In recovery, it’s vital to replenish the body. By giving the body the most healthy diet, people can aid their recovery progress by physically healing from the inside out.

Here are some of the best foods for recovery.


Fish is filled with omega-3, an unsaturated fatty acid that occurs chiefly in fish oils. It plays an important role in brain function. The best omega-3-rich fish options are considered to be tuna, cod, herring, salmon, mackerel, trout and sardine.

Probiotic yogurts

Probiotic yogurts are ideal for restoring gut health. This will have no doubt been damaged to some extent with an alcohol or drug addiction. But plenty of probiotics will certainly help bring the gastrointestinal system back to a healthy state.

Fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods such as wholegrain pastas and breakfast cereals are also essential to restore digestive health. The digestive system needs to find its balance to increase absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients. Other fiber-rich foods are pears, melon, broccoli, carrots, peas, beans, pulses and potatoes with skin.

Fresh vegetables 

Fresh vegetables give an array of essential vitamins that help restore levels of nutrition. Leafy greens are the ultimate superfood as they are high in vitamins A, C and K as well as providing a fantastic source of iron, calcium and potassium.


One of the best ways to boost your immune system and clear the body of toxins is to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can protect our cells against free radicals that might play a role in cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Dark chocolate is a snack that contains high levels. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are another delicious way of making sure the body gets the antioxidants it needs.

Fresh fruit

As well as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, fresh fruit in general is superb at giving the body a boost. Every type of fruit is beneficial – and the fresher the better.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats and they are fiber-rich too. Walnuts have a great amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Hazelnuts, pecans, almonds and macadamia nuts are health enhancers for the heart.


We should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day. Make it more if it’s sunny, as the weather is most days here with us in Florida.

Fruit juices and smoothies are a healthy way to drink enough. But beware of their sugars – and it’s best to completely avoid sugary sodas.

Tea and coffee count, but many people find it helps their recovery to cut down or quit drinks containing caffeine. One reason is that they can negatively affect sleep.

Sleeping regularly and well is another aspect of wellbeing that we ensure at Tikvah Lake. Many people arrive with irregular sleep patterns.

We help our guests get into a regular schedule. So they are in bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time each morning.

It’s also important to eat at regular times every day. We make sure that’s the case for all our guests.

Our first-class chef ensures everyone gets the very best diet for their recovery. Naturally, all our food at Tikvah Lake is carefully selected for its top quality and freshness.

We also encourage exercise. This could be such as walking around the beautiful lake or heading out on a nature trail in the stunning surrounding countryside.

We are in the ideal natural setting to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Our luxury mansion – with our stunning tranquil lake gently lapping up to our lawn – is made with total relaxation in mind.

Our experienced team has many years of experience treating people with all types of mental health problems. Call us to have a friendly chat about how we can help you or someone you love to get into successful recovery today.

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David Hurst has four books published on mental health recovery, including 12 Steps To 1 Hero, The Anxiety Conversation and Words To Change Your Life. He has written for national newspapers and magazines around the world for 30 years including The Guardian, Psychologies, GQ, Esquire, Marie Claire and The Times. He has been in successful continual recovery since January 2002.

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