How to get emotionally energized

Getting emotionally energized

We live in a busy world that frequently seems to exhaust us physically and steal emotional energy. They are inextricably linked.

This is important as if we feel we’re not achieving what we can, that we sense we’re not fulfilling our potential, we often start to feel less energetic. We can then fall into lethargy – and we are into a vicious cycle.

It means we are not doing as we can or need to in such as work, studies, parenting, even in what we give to our relationship and our communities. Thankfully, there are some simple things that everybody can do to get totally energized.

Getting up sooner

Get up sooner

This does not make any sense to someone who’s feeling they are lacking energy. But if we start the day half an hour earlier it can increase both physical and emotional energy levels.

This is because all too often people open their eyes and immediately rush into the day ahead. In fact a great many people dash beyond that into the week, month and even years in front of the present moment.

But if you immediately start to run through all those things that need to be done it will only take away positive energy. You’re not actually doing any of the things that are being thought about, only creating worry about them – which has a negative impact.

Social media and the news can equally steal positive energy. They will often leave us with negative feelings such as anger, resentment, self-pity and envy.

So instead, get up earlier and start the day by thinking about ten things that you’re grateful for – from being able to see, to having your other senses and on to anything that you can be grateful for such as having a lovely view, the sunshine, having good health, your family and friends, even having a kettle so you can make a cup of coffee.

Then continue the start of every day calmly. Sit somewhere comfortable, relax, breathe slowly and be mindful of things such as your heartbeat, your breathing and what you can see.

Many people with successful recovery recommend meditation every morning too. Starting every day calmly as described after getting up sooner will boost your emotional and physical energy.

The present is a gift

The present is a gift…

Keeping it in the day and even better in the now – this present moment – is the greatest energizing way to live. Having regrets about the past or anxiety for the future only steals your positive energy right now. No one can alter the past or know for certain what’s going to happen in future days.

Living while looking back or too far forwards will usually give negative emotions. These negative feelings will lead to more negative thoughts as you start to wonder why you are feeling so negative.

Instead it’s much more beneficial to do your best moment by moment, one day at a time. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow – but when tomorrow comes, then once again just do your best moment by moment.

Thinking happy

Think happy

Everybody on this planet has a choice over which particular thoughts to focus on out of the 70,000 thoughts we have every day (according to research by the University of Southern California’s Laboratory of NeuroImaging). Learn how to listen carefully and shove away the negative thoughts.

Saying positive affirmations in the morning and if needed throughout the day helps many people too. These are words said aloud such as: “I am an amazing person” and “I can do it.”

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but the thoughts about it,” said Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher and the author of some of the world’s best recovery books including The Power Of Now. “Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking.”

Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius also said several centuries ago: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

So always choose the good quality ones – as anything we focus on grows bigger.

Being always kind

Always be kind

When we give we gain. It’s a brilliant mantra to live by.

It means being kind to others whenever we can – and we always can. That is, we can always give our time, be generous with our money as well as share any talents and qualities we have.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge things that we give. But such as holding a door open for someone or offering to reach the item from the top shelf for the little old lady in the supermarket.

Remember too in a relationship that “love is an action” – and that doesn’t have to mean giving a bouquet of roses. It could be just something simple like emptying the dishwasher if you realize your partner’s had a tiring day.

The significance here is that these kind acts, whether seen as big or small, will always make us feel good inside. Humans are designed this way – and when we feel good from the inside out we will also feel energized.

Being kind also means towards yourself. So eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, don’t rush meals or eat too much – as digesting it will use energy.

Also, being gluttonous is not emotionally positive for us. If we’re overweight too we will always be using more energy than we should, not just physically but emotionally as it’s draining and leaves us feeling negative about ourselves.

Exercise at least five days every week as well. When we feel and then see the physical benefits of exercising, it will also boost our emotional energy.

Sleep well too. Going to bed at regular times will always help.

Then being kind to yourself includes cutting down or quitting anything that’s detrimental to your physical and emotional wellbeing. So such as excessively drinking or taking “recreational” drugs or working too many hours.

Being inspired

Be inspired

We should not be scared of using our talents either. But many people are scared of using a natural gift they’ve been given.

This is often due to family and society expectations and influences. It’s why such as at school someone who’s passionate about writing and who has a talent for it might be steered towards what is seen as a “safer” career.

But there are a great number of people suffering from emotional problems who feel uninspired in their life, especially work life. So consequently they are lacking in both physical and emotional energy.

Yet anyone who chooses something that inspires them will always have great energy. It might be that it’s a hobby and not work – but likewise energy levels will get a great boost.

We start to die inside if we’re not doing anything in life that inspires us. So go with what you know inspires you the most and you will feel both physically and emotionally energetically fully charged.

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