Alcohol Treatment Program at Tikvah Lake

Our number one priority is to provide services that lead to long-lasting and effective treatment. Through our expert care and staff, we can ensure that our alcohol treatment program provides the necessary steps to assist you or your loved one in overcoming addiction.

Our program provides in-patient care with experts in mental health therapy and rehabilitation, as well as assistance throughout the entire recovery process.

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In-patient treatment is imperative to overcoming alcoholism. At Tikvah Lake, we offer the proper balance of individually tailored therapy accompanied by luxurious amenities that provide one with the encouragement and mental space to treat alcohol addiction. We provide a range of therapies, detox management, social and life skill development support, as well as post-program guidance and beyond.

At Tikvah Lake, we understand that beginning recovery is no small matter, and we are here to help you. Through our alcohol treatment program, people are given the opportunity to go out into the world with controlled behaviors and lifestyle choices without the use of alcohol.

How our alcohol treatment program works

Our alcohol Treatment Program is centered around therapy catered to the individuals’ needs. Our individualized treatment plan offers a full range of therapies to meet the needs of each person.

The alcohol treatment program focuses on attaining the following goals:

  • Gain complete independence from alcohol consumption
  • Discover coping skills to deal with mental illness
  • Diminish major factors and temptations leading to alcohol addiction
  • Create a new space for one to develop new hobbies and skills that lead to relaxation and de-stressing
  • Establish new purpose and meaning to life

At Tikvah Lake, we are committed to every person that walks through our doors to provide them with the best experience to ensure their personal successful journey with alcohol addiction recovery. We are here to provide for you or your loved ones, bringing them to a happier, healthier self one day at a time.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)

It is not uncommon for co-occurring disorders to come as a result of alcohol addiction. When left untreated co-occurring disorders can be a major contributing factor to the continuation and challenge of alcohol addiction.

Our team of experts at Tikvah Lake first provide the most accurate full diagnosis enabling them to work together with you or your loved one to create an individualized treatment plan. It is important for our therapists first to get a full picture of one’s mental and emotional health. Through this awareness, we pave the path to a life free of alcohol addiction.

Diagnosis Process

Starting from one’s first session at Tikvah Lake, our therapists will provide a full psychiatric evaluation to assess any undiagnosed illness and provide for the most complete and accurate addiction analysis. As one continues their alcohol treatment process at Tikvah Lake, co-occurring issues can continue to be addressed and properly handled.

It is our commitment to our guests with the most personalized and top-notch care not only when treating alcoholism and any co-occurring disorder but also from the onset of the diagnosis stage.

Proven Treatment Methods

The foundation and ultimate success of our alcohol treatment program is rooted in our multiple treatment methods provided by our expert staff.

We use evidence-based methods of treatment when catering to you or your loved ones needs such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Somatic Experiencing (SE), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) (where appropriate).

Additional Therapeutic Means of Recovery

In addition to traditional therapy, our alcohol treatment program provides multiple therapy forms to further an individual’s recovery and health. Although we provide these additional therapies based around one’s personal needs and interests, some of the most common forms of therapies we offer are art and music therapy.

Our program is unique in this capacity as we provide other stress-reducing activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, acupuncture, massage and personal training sessions, all proven to improve overall mental, emotional and physical health.

There is a strong and proven correlation between mental health and physical health; therefore we work with the individual to assure optimal physical health. Nutrition education and exercise are two key components to ensuring our guests are satisfied with their overall physical health.

Your Stay at Tikvah Lake

As always, your success and satisfaction are our priority at Tikvah Lake. We work with top experts to provide the best and most incomparable care to guests at our residence. Tikvah Lakes beautiful setting allows one to relax and focus on their alcohol treatment journey, taking in all that Tikvah Lakes breathtaking view and calm setting has to offer. Our residence situated on Lake Charlotte is the perfect place for one to relax, reflect and restart.

Our Expert Clinical Team

Our clinical team is here for you to provide the best in professional care with a warm and compassionate smile. Tikvah Lake therapists create individual treatment plans using evidence-based methods of therapy. Using neuropsychological and psychological testing, our staff creates personalized alcohol recovery blueprint and helps to ensure that our guests achieve their own personal optimal results.

Tikvah Lake Residence

Located in Florida, our grounds boast a pool, spa, dock and boat with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Our facility is a 15,000 square foot mansion on a 200-acre lake. We have a library, lounge areas, gourmet kitchen, private therapy spaces, recreational room and generously sized bedrooms with en suites. We are also fortunate to be adjacent to a State Park with miles of hiking trails. There is no doubt our residence provides for a luxurious stay.

Seeking Alcohol Treatment for a Loved One

We understand that it is not easy or comfortable watching a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction. Seeking help is the initial necessary step to recovery. Although, ultimately up to the person themselves to make the final decision to get help, we are here to guide family members and those close to one who is struggling with alcohol addiction.

When approaching the topic, one must have the overall knowledge that addiction is not a choice or a character flaw, but rather a condition of the brain that can affect anyone. Our residence provides our guests with the opportunity to leave their current environment and enter into a new atmosphere without the many influences that can potentially further their addiction.

To take the first step in helping a loved one live a life free from alcohol addiction, give us a call. Your love and encouragement could be the driving factor to begin their treatment.

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