Xanax Abuse, Addiction, & Treatment Methods

Xanax is an effective remedy for anxiety, nausea caused by chemotherapy, depression and other health issues. Xanax is one of the most highly addictive prescription drugs on the market. It can have a user hooked within a few weeks. Tens of thousands of people suffering a Xanax addiction seek treatment every year.

Xanax use and its problem

Though xanax is used for medical use, a drug dependency often still occurs. Once a tolerance is built against the drug, due to daily or frequent use, a user trying to combat anxiety will up the dose looking to combat the symptoms. Eventually a further tolerance will be built and again the dose will be upped. This is a terrible cycle that makes the brain more reliant on the drug to feel normal.

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Xanax withdrawal

Due to this highly addictive cyclical process, users can often not turn their attention away from the drug for even a few moments once they have upped the dosage several times. Also the effects on the body of stopping cold turkey, which is nearly impossible for those who have become dependent on the drug, can include insomnia, depression, paranoia and irritability.

It is best to speak with a psychiatrist who can assess and help manage dosage and potentially recommend other methods of ending the dependency. Of course, there is also a mental dependency that is established through excessive use separate from the body’s withdrawal that will have to be addressed through intensive therapy to prevent future relapse.


Xanax overdoses are on the rise. It is so important to treat these addictions as early as possible before the addict reaches stages that can cause long term harm to the body.

The most effective therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps to change the person’s drug use expectations and behaviors and also helps to manage triggers and stress to prevent future drug use.

The most important key to beating any addiction is recognizing each individual’s needs. Even though addiction has common underlying factors, they affect each person uniquely. Personalized treatment is the secret to addiction recovery. Smaller facilities naturally are able to take better care and keep better watch over each of the few patients.

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