Jill E. Scott, M.S., M.Ed., M.S.Ed, M.A.

Clinical Director

Jill E. Scott has 20+years working to help others make positive life changes as she designs, develops, and implements therapeutic programs for her patients. These plans and programs are set with focal points rooted in health, wellness, optimal living, and personal growth.

Her beliefs are strongly set in designing and implementing individual patient plans, which are suited to the needs of each person. She provides opportunities for personal growth and change while holding each patient accountable for facing the barriers between themselves and a better life. This supportive method successfully promotes self-reflection, personal accountability, a patient’s need to attend to physical medical conditions, coping skills acquisition, and accounts for each patient’s strengths and weaknesses.

Jill’s strengths as a therapist and an administrative leader in health care derive from her years of training and vast experiences, as well as her ability to connect with patients and team members. Jill leads by a team approach to problem-solving and decision-making. 

Specializing in Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Co-occurring mental health disorders. 

A graduate of Nova Southeastern’s Master’s degree program in Science and Instruction in 2008, Lamar University’s Master’s in Guidance processes 2013, Lamar University’s Master’s in Mental Health Counseling 2015, American College of Education Master’s in Administration 2016, University of Central Florida Bachelor’s Degree, Jill comes prepared with a multidimensional approach, built with a strong educational foundation in preparation, and through applying gained abilities in the delivery of Mental Health Services.

This makes Jill very capable of providing a well-rounded skill set as she stands at the helm in support of life improvement and change.