Dr Byron Wickham

MA | Therapist

Byron’s speciality is in personality disorders, but as a previous director of a co-occuring substance abuse facility, he is also a noted innovator of anger management programs specific to substance abuse.

Due to the expertize of his work he has received grants to develop programming and facilitate mental health patients, including co-occurring diagnosis of trauma, grief, autism and addiction. Additionally, Byron’s extensive therapy management experience with correctional facilities provides him with a healthy balance of preparedness and comradery.

Away from work he enjoys spending time with his family playing sports and going on vacations. His children are aged between eight and 17.

“I really enjoy therapy, primarily because I feel it’s a caring industry and it’s a calling,” says Byron. “It’s not so much a job, it’s just something you feel the need to do and if you’re natural at it, it fulfills your life’s ambitions.

“So it’s not like going to work. It’s like doing something that you enjoy participating in and that’s the primary reason I like doing it.”