Adam Nesenoff


There’s much to see (and do) at Tikvah Lake Recovery, and then there’s everything that you don’t see – that is the work of Adam Nesenoff. As a co-owner and operations chief, Adam makes sure that everything on the backend gets done, from the fastest Internet provider to the newest building update.

Because Tikvah Lake Recovery is family-owned, it’s only natural that Adam makes it feel like home, treating the staff and those who come to the center like family. From the smallest request made by a guest to the larger investments in the success of the center, he ensures that every aspect of operations is running smoothly.

Adam understands what it’s like to run a business, from overseeing the day-to-day to accomplishing long-term goals – which is why clients can run their business during their stay, including the use of phones and laptops. People who place their lives in our hands can rest assured that because of Adam, the center is running smoothly. Recovery requires rules, but Adam facilitates the activities available to the guests, so that they feel empowered to choose how they spend their free time at Tikvah Lake.

Raised in a family that emphasizes helping others, Adam has been involved with a number of charitable organizations that support causes such as food poverty and domestic violence, and has volunteered with vulnerable populations. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the RCA in New Jersey, and lives in Florida with his wife Chana and their four children.