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Sex Addiction

Sex addiction, or love addiction can present itself in a number of ways similar to substance abuse. There are specific clinical features that are often seen in impulse control disorders such as sexual behavioral addictions.

One of the basic confirmations of sex addiction is the continued behavior of the sexual activities even though they bring negative consequences. The great irony of sexual behavior disorder is that it is used to escape the problems of reality and in doing so the sexual behaviors create even more problems.

Sex addiction symptoms

For someone to recognize and say, “I am a sex addict” means that they understand the specific signs of sex addiction which can manifest itself in various common available sexual practices, such as overly frequenting strip clubs, compulsive masturbation (masturbation addiction), seeking and using prostitution, excessively watching pornography, and engaging in extramarital relationships.

The problem

Sex addiction pays a tall price on the family and in personal relationships. Unrealistic expectations of sexual relationships along with deception, secrecy, and distrust leads to a warped view of love, causes separation, divorce and often shame, guilt and depression as well.

Although sex addicts anonymous is an avenue that is sometimes available at later stages of sex recovery, it is so important to treat sex addiction as early as possible before the addict reaches stages that can cause long term harm.


The most effective therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps to change the person’s sexual behaviors and also helps to manage triggers and stress.


The most important key to beating any addiction is recognizing each individual’s needs. Even though addiction has common underlying factors, it effects each person uniquely. Personalized treatment is the secret to addiction recovery. Smaller residential facilities naturally are able to take better care and keep better watch over each of the few patients.


We offer a few options. Depending on the intensity of the addiction and the available time and resources, we are able to customize programs for each individual. Our six bed rehab allows us to provide unprecedented attention to each person’s unique needs.


There is a 30 day residential program where one can live within the facility and receive hours of one on one therapy sessions daily, along with an array of other healthy stress relieving programs including boating, swimming, etc.


There is a week long residential program where we work with the individual efficiently to swiftly address the underlying issues and provide tools to identify triggers in order to best prevent future porn use.


There is a couple’s retreat program for cases that have affected relationships with one’s significant other. These retreats are three days long and offer one on one and couple’s therapy.


Please call us now to discuss which option is best for your needs at 954-998-0100.

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