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Pornography Addiction

Porn addiction is one of the most prevalent and under spoken of addictions. It is the most accessible and has the most long term effects on one's relationships, self image, confidence and general mental state. It is also the easiest addiction to push off seeking help.


It is worthwhile learning more about this addiction and its effects and the available remedies. Out of all of the treatment options, there’s always at least one that works for each person.

Signs and Symptoms of Porn Addiction

According to the American Psychological Association the definition of an addiction to porn is when one is unable to stop using porn or stop engaging in the behaviors associated with porn, despite repeated attempts to do so. Also one will eventually develop cravings much like other drug users. When asked by others to stop using porn, an addict can become angry, hostile, irritable or even be in denial toward loved ones.

Effects of Pornography

Short term effects of porn can be the disturbance of relationships such as a spouse, significant other, parents or friends. Much like any other drug addicts, relationships deteriorate when asked by others to cease from using, so too it is natural for porn addicts to separate from those loved ones who try to help.


Nowadays with smart phones and extremely easy access to the internet, porn addicts often become introverted and shy away from social interactions. As far as intimate relationships, they will never compare to the artificial and scripted relationships displayed in pornography.

Solutions for Porn Addiction

Unlike drug addicts, porn addicts have more control over themselves when it comes to seeking help. Their vice is not mind altering, rather it is behavioral altering, which is easier to correct.


There are several options for those with porn addictions. Ultimately proper filters and accountability on any internet device is important. Firstly, however, one must work out certain underlying issues that lead oneself to the porn addiction. This can be done through intensive therapy with experts who know how to deal with these issues while providing a comfortable environment.


We offer a few options. Depending on the intensity of the addiction and the available time and resources, we are able to customize programs for each individual. Our six bed rehab allows us to provide unprecedented attention to each person’s unique needs.


There is a 30 day residential program where one can live within the facility and receive hours of one on one therapy sessions daily, along with an array of other healthy stress relieving programs including boating, swimming, etc.


There is a week long residential program where we work with the individual efficiently to swiftly address the underlying issues and provide tools to identify triggers in order to best prevent future porn use.


There is a couple’s retreat program for cases that have affected relationships with one’s significant other. These retreats are three days long and offer one on one and couple’s therapy.


Please call us now to discuss which option is best for your needs at 954-998-0100.

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