Luxury Executive Rehab

Executive Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Mental Health

At Tikvah Lake Recovery we offer a highly personalized and private treatment experience that considers your medical, physical, spiritual and emotional needs. We treat a variety of drug & alcohol addictions along with underlying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger issues and ADHD.  

In addition to on-site therapy, we offer holistic services such as gourmet meals, acupuncture, yoga, personal training, creative programs, massage and many more personalized services to ensure a most comfortable and successful stay. You'll work daily with our director, Dr. David Nesenoff as well as our highly credentialed staff. Typical stays last between 30 to 90 days. 

We are an extremely personalized six-bed residential addiction and mental health treatment center. We offer the highest level of care from our experienced clinical and medical staff.


Tikvah Lake: A Recovery Oasis

Our program is private pay only, ensuring that the group of individuals who are here are serious about recovery and highly motivated to change their lives. Private pay ensures that your addiction will remain private from health insurance companies and employers. 

Private Pay

Beautiful Campus

Located on a 200 acre lake in Florida, our grounds boast a pool, spa, dock and boat with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Our facility is a 15,000 square foot mansion with a library, lounge areas, gourmet kitchen, private therapy spaces, recreational room and generously sized bedrooms with en suites. We are fortunate to be adjacent to a State Park with miles of hiking trails. 

Medical Detox

Often, the first step in starting treatment is a safe, medically assisted detox. We are associated with several licensed, highly recommended detox facilities in Florida, who have luxury accommodations and private rooms as well. We manage the entire process, including speaking with their admissions department and arranging transportation from detox to our facility. 

How to Begin

We offer a traditional 30-day program and an accelerated 10-day program. The accelerated program is designed for those who cannot afford to be away from their job or family for a full month. The accelerated program is a 10-day intensive treatment approach that consolidates the 30-day therapy experience, with options to extend treatment for another week. Upon discharge, we continue to work on your recovery via web-based therapy sessions.

The first step is speaking personally with Dr. Nesenoff about your current situation. From there, he will, along with the clinical director determine which program is the best fit for you at Tikvah Lake. Dr. Nesenoff will call you back and suggest how to proceed.

The First Step to Lifelong Recovery



Private, confidential consultation


Jupiter, Florida

Call 24/7  |  954-998-0100

Private Accommodations

We take your privacy seriously. During your stay, you’ll have a private room away from other guests with a private bathroom, desk, and other amenities including Wi Fi. 

Our Dedicated Team


Dr. David Nesenoff, DD, MA

Dr. Rosa Negron-Munoz, MD, FAPA


Dr. Jeff Allen, PhD, CAP, CMHP

Clinical Director

Dr. Gregg Shore, MD, FACS

Medical Director

Karen Beerbower MS, RD, LD, CEDRD, F. iaedp

Chef Jason Shenefield, CEC, CCE, CHE

Dr. Melody Clancy, DOM, AP

Byron Wickham, MA, Mental Health Therapy

Therapist, PTSD and Trauma

Acupuncturist, Health and Wellness Coach

House Manager / Executive Chef

Licensed Dietician, Certified Eating Disorder Dietician

Stay Connected

Our team appreciates that you are taking 30 days out of your life to get well. Unlike other rehab centers, we provide access to phone and computer while you are in treatment. Our therapy schedule can be flexible to accommodate employment and family obligations while you are here. 


"Between my daily personalized therapy sessions and my private villa, this is truly the ultimate luxury recovery experience."

Stephanie M.

B e t h e s d a ,  M D