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Gambling Addiction

Just as with moderate social alcohol use, gambling can be an acceptable recreational activity. And just as with alcohol and other substances, gambling to excess can cause devastation in one’s life and the lives around them. Gambling addiction is when one is not capable of ceasing to gamble, bet, play - even and especially at the cost of financial consequences in one’s life, work and family.

What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

Beyond the financial consequences which are hallmarks of a gambling addict, there is additionally the behavior presented by lying, cheating and covering up all in the attempt to excuse the excessive gambling losses. Whatever high, or rush, is aroused in the gambler is offset by the eventual guilt, depression, loss of control and desire to replicate the rush again which caused all the problems to begin with.  


It is so important to address and treat gambling addiction as early as possible before the addict reaches stages that can cause long term harm and ruin.


The most effective therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps to change the person’s gambling behaviors and also helps to manage triggers and stress.


The most important key to beating any addiction is recognizing each individual’s needs. Even though addiction has common underlying factors, it effects each person uniquely. Personalized treatment is the secret to addiction recovery. Smaller residential facilities naturally are able to take better care and keep better watch over each of the few patients.


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When is gambling addiction dangerous enough to seek help?

Unfortunately, like many other addictions, gamblers need too often to hit rock bottom. Either financial ruin, constant borrowing - or worse appropriating or misappropriating funds in whatever manner necessary is the end of the road for the gambler.

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