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Adderall Addiction

Adderall is a medication used to treat ADHD. It can help increase the ability to stay focused and control behavior problems. It can also provide a stimulant high if overused. It is one of the easiest drugs to transition from recreation use to abuse to addiction.

Adderall abuse symptoms

While using adderall frequently, a person’s body naturally builds a tolerance towards the drug thereby lessening its effects on the body. A person seeking its effects, whether for proper use or to seek a high, would up the dosage as the desired effects have become lessened. Once the dosage is upped, again the body builds a tolerance. This creates a vicious cycle that leads to the body’s dependance for the drug.


Adderall overdoses are on the rise. It is so important to treat these addictions as early as possible before the addict reaches stages that can cause long term harm to the body.


The most effective therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps to change the person’s drug use expectations and behaviors and also helps to manage triggers and stress to prevent future drug use.


The most important key to beating any addiction is recognizing each individual's needs. Even though addiction has common underlying factors, they affect each person uniquely. Personalized treatment is the secret to addiction recovery. Smaller facilities naturally are able to take better care and keep better watch over each of the few patients.


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Adderall effects and withdrawal

Its short term effects may feel positive such as fast thoughts, sociability and talkativeness, however longer term effects and withdrawal symptoms are similar to that of a Heroin addict. They include dry mouth, nervousness, anxiety, nausea, weight loss, constipation and vomiting.


Adderall has to be treated both at the physical and mental level. A psychiatrist has to assess the current dosage and help manage what steps should be taken to remove this drug dependence. Also the mental effects have to be addressed as well. Intensive therapy must be conducted to prevent future relapse.

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